Centre for Northern Economic Prosperity (CNEP) is a policy development forum and campaigning platform aimed at levelling up the North. The challenges of the North go beyond disproportionate Government Funding, but the lack of autonomy that will allow different models to be decided by the people. Centralising for the sake of cost savings creates a competitive marketplace that holds back growth and economic regeneration. The current organisational structures and political settlements are archaic and need to change.

The purpose of CNEP is first and foremost to make a case for devolution outside of the normative processes to determine the best approaches to steer the region for high economic growth, promote prosperity, address inequalities and prepare for change.

Levelling up the North can only be achieved through consultation, scrutiny, and putting forward radical policies and seeing them through to implementation. The current political setup is lacking credibility and comes at the expense of real progress. CNEP has a role to play in organising the North, particularly ensuring the aims and objectives for rebalancing the economy and are achieved.