With the current level of inequality caused by the global pandemic ‘Covid19’, there are many systemic inadequacies that have come to the fore that demonstrates how divisions are emerging.

There has always been this notion of the North-South divide. Northern regions have always been treated by governing authorities as Quangos or NGO’s. They lack vision and an entrepreneurial fervour that has existing since the onset of the Industrial Revolution. 

The deindustrialisation of the ’80s under Margret Thatcher was the death knell that set the North on a downward spiral into the long term malaise that can still be felt till this day.

What’s clear, is that the people of the North decided something had to change and a perfect storm with BREXIT being the lynchpin for turning the red wall blue. It is not unusual to sympathise with those that want something different and more prosperity in term of opportunities and equal chance of making that change happen. 

The major issues that prevent people from deciding their choice of representatives are various, and not to diminish the loyalty of a political movement for a generation. Yet we are now at the whims of despair with the ongoings in parliament. The fundamental issue is the choices available to the voting population. 

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By Javed

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