Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed it as a “monumental programme for rail investment” attempting to downplay the monumental failure of his Government levelling up agenda. It has become somewhat of a tradition to expect the Prime Minister knee-cap promises made that he can no longer be trusted to deliver on any of them.

Economic growth is at stake if the UK government fails to invest in this sector. The north of England needed better transportation links because it was losing out on investment opportunities to other regions due to its proximity with other capital cities. By making investments in this sector, people living in rural areas would have had better access to education and employment opportunities because there would be an increased likelihood of people commuting into the city for work due to increased accessibility of public transportation networks.

Well, all of that has now been scuppered. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE LINE. THE STORY CONTINUES TO UNFOLD.

HS2 map

By Javed

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